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Cindy at Aaahroo Kennel with some of her dogs.

​Welcome to Aahroo Kennel and Service Dogs!

Aahroo Kennel

Located near Columbia, South Carolina, we are a small but serious breeding and training kennel that specializes in establishing Basset Fauve de Bretagnes in the United States. With a professional background in both nursing and master dog training, we have trained dogs for over 55 years. Since the early 1980’s we’ve specialized in Assistance Dog training for people with disabilities, concentrating now exclusively on Diabetic Alert Dog training for clients in the southeastern US. 

Cindy and Nosey at a dog show.

Cindy Hartman

Founder, Cindy Hartman, studied canine genetics at Michigan State University and is a retired nurse. In 2001, she traveled to France to study under three French hunting judges and the president of the Club du Fauve of France, where she fell in love with the Basset Fauves and brought home a pair.

In 2011, she returned to further her education of French hunting hounds by attending the World Dog Show and the French Fauve Club’s International Breeder’s Exposition. She has returned to France several times and over the years, has imported several dogs to add to Aahroo’s breeding program.  

Cindy Hartman and her service dog, Rhett.

Basset Fauve de Bretagne

In 2015, she returned to the breed’s country of origin to attend the Club du Fauve annual meeting, judges’ educational seminar, and to shadow judges at the Elevage ( the French Club sponsored dog show attended by Fauve owners from around the world). 

Cindy is now the American corresponding delegate to the French club. She continues to import new bloodlines into the country and hopes to return to France during the summer of 2024. She was the founding president of the UKC national breed club (no longer active since November 2016) and is now the president of the AKC club, the Basset Fauve de Bretagne Club of America.

The BFDBCA is the official breed club in the United States and enjoys membership from all over the country and Canada. 

Portrait of Katie, a Fauve dog.

Our Dogs

A Fauve dog is sitting on a table that is showing off its show ribbons.
A Fauve dog is waiting for its turn to walk at a dog show.
A Fauve dog is posing for a portrait picture.
A scruffy Fauve dog is running towards the camera.
A Fauve dog posing for a portrait photo.
A dog is sitting on an awards table at a dog show next to her ribbon.
A Fauve dog is sitting on a table that is showing off its show ribbons.

See More of Our Dogs

See some of our past and present Fauves. We also have a photo gallery of Fauves submitted by Aahroo customers.

Adopt a Fauve

New to Fauves

Looking to add a Basset Fauve de Bretagne to your family? Please start by filling out the application on the Adopt a Fauve page.

Current Fauve Owners

If you've adopted from our kennel before, are interested in titling your Fauve, or have ever rescued a Fauve, please inquire about our rebates starting in August of 2020!

Retired Fauves

Occasionally we will have retired adults available. Keep a watch on our website for adult dogs.

A Fauve dog is standing in a yard.
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Photo courtesy of Gus O'Keefe.
Andrew Elliott Fauves.
A Fauve dog smiling at the camera on a deck.
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